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Efficient | Supportive | Educational | Equitable

Diana Wilde will guide you through the complex financial, social and emotional aspects of divorce along with the addressing the needs of the children via a supportive and educational process based on a business-like approach to reaching an equitable divorce - whether the parties are amicable or not.

Helping You Navigate the Complexities of Divorce

Most divorcing couples have little knowledge of the actual steps they need to take to get a divorce, let alone the myriad of issues that might be facing them, what paperwork they need to provide and what are all the decisions they will need to make in order to reach a complete settlement and move forward in their separate lives. This lack of knowledge can be overwhelming and frightful when people are already experiencing upheaval and pain.


Recognizing this, Diana Wilde has developed a unique form of mediation that addresses the many and varied needs of divorcing couples, reduces inherent fear, and allows clients to understand the divorce process. Diana provides a supportive environment that allows clients to safely voice their separate opinions and ideas, yet retains the necessary professional neutrality of the mediation process.

Guidance | A Road Map Towards Your New Tomorrow

Diana carefully explains the entire divorce process to her clients, providing them with a "road map" of where they are headed and showing them what remains to be completed before their divorce is finalized. She guides them through the necessary steps that need to be taken, breaking down the items into smaller activities, so that no one gets overwhelmed in the process. This means progressing at the cadence of the couple, fast or slow, while gently encouraging them to move forward at a steady pace towards resolution.

Empowerment | Gain the Knowledge to Make Informed Decisions

As a financial analyst, Diana educates clients who have little or no knowledge about the family's financial matters or investments, so that more informed choices may be made during negotiations and clients won't flounder once they are on their own. Referrals are made to other professionals to assist clients with their particular needs, both financial and otherwise. Diana's clients are carefully guided and shown their various options when completing required, but often confusing, court forms.


Productive communication between parties is encouraged and maintained. Assignments are given, paperwork is reviewed, additional court forms are completed and reviewed prior to filing with the court, and all documentation is secured prior to the start of the negotiation phase of the divorce. This simple, but important, hands-on process empowers both parties to take an active role in all aspects of their divorce, so that going forward, they will be aware of and be able to handle all that will be required of them in their separate lives.

Settlement | Effective Confict Resolution

Negotiation and decision-making become much easier following open discussion in a supportive and business-like environment regarding all aspects of the family's finances in conjunction with future financial, educational, emotional, social and physical needs of all family members, especially those of the children. After all, of the settlement options are explored in depth by the parties and balanced with the other settlement decisions in order to create a marital settlement agreement that addresses all important issues going forward for every member of the family.


At the conclusion of their divorce mediation with Diana, couples fully understand and appreciate that they have reached the best settlement possible given their circumstances. Their worst fears are eliminated, and they are prepared to move forward successfully in their separate lives while being able to direct their energies towards effectively and carefully nurturing their children.


Let Diana Wilde and The Divorce Resource successfully guide you from an untenable situation to a better way of life that works for all family members.

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