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Resolution without Litigation | Unique Solutions that Fit Your Needs

The Divorce Resource specializes in providing clients with unique solutions through mediation to address their particular divorce situations.

WIN-WIN: Clients end up with win-win settlements and they know they’ve gotten the best settlement given their circumstances, because they’ve made all the decisions.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Mediation with The Divorce Resource is an affordable and cost effective method of divorce.

NON-ADVERSARIAL: Meetings are amicable versus adversarial with resolution reached for all the divorce issues.

FOCUS ON CHILDREN'S NEEDS: There’s a strong focus on the children for their needs now and in the future.

RETAIN CONTROL: Clients retain control over the decision-making process with our guidance. All of the decisions are made between the two of them in our meetings.

NEVER GO INTO COURT: The divorce resource prepares the necessary paperwork for the Court, so our clients never go into the courtroom.

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